"If I want something ordinary, then it better be cheap. I can get cheap and ordinary by the gallon at Cosco. On the other hand, today’s spoiled consumer is willing to pay almost anything for the exclusive, the noteworthy, and the indulgent"

Seth Godin in Meatball Sundae

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"Consumers today are seeking a personal involvement. This attitude, characterized by the store as “active consumerism,” encourages an active engagement from people and is a reality that transcends the ideal."
- Marc Gobe “Citizen Brand”


Social capital as it relates to consumption: the knowledge of how to properly execute behaviors, wear a hat, accessorize or use an innovation (From Berger, Ho and Joshi, 2011)

Word-of-mouth helps consumers project social capital. The story that the visual creates provides extrinsic utility for the consumer. In a sense, re-blogging mirrors conspicuous consumption.

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Some identity signaling and social capital lit. For dessert, some Zen.

Some identity signaling and social capital lit. For dessert, some Zen.

""Consumer goods are also essential to the project by which out lives our constructed. Consumer goods, in their anticipation, choice, purchase and possession, are an important source of the meaning with which we construct our lives. They are also an important instrument by which we capture, experiment with, and organize the meanings which we construct our lives"."
- Grant McCracken - Advertising: Meaning or Information

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A cult’s, brand’s, or any organization’s meaning system should also paint a picture of how the world should be. It should be aspirational, whether it’s a world populated with self-actualized people or one that’s ecologically stable.

Douglas Atkins - The Cult of Branding

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Consumers’ life structures and network systems influence WOM.

"The world of goods is a wholly cultural construction and that culture is constantly being played out in goods" (McCracken, 1987).

We assign MEANING and CONSTRUCT our lives through consumption.

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