Everyday, an Inspiration
  • Red Hot or Red Herring - Rory Sutherland on behavioral economics.

  • B.J Novak - “The Book With No Pictures”

  • "Over time, this habit of buying every book didn’t actually lead to reading more of them. Instead, I found myself restacking a tower of books I never read. Once I accepted that my story had a few holes, I adopted a new rule. A book had to sit in my online shopping cart for at least 72 hours before I hit the “buy” button. Since then, the number of books I purchase has dropped significantly."
  • How Disruption Brought Order - Jean-Marie Dru
  • "Instead of looking for differences, we concentrate on looking for commonalities. And when commonalities have been discovered, there may be conventions to be broken"
  • Sat down and tried to come up with reasons why agencies should hire me. This is as far as a got.

  • joelyrighteous:

    Julian Cole and I discussing Sketches, Comms planning and where it lives in agency land.